About Tepe Racing


Four brothers, family and friends having fun sailing

Cincinnati, Ohio may be the last place you expect to find a catamaran racing team. It is, after all, not exactly a prime sailing spot. But that doesn’t stop the brothers of Tepe Racing. It does however, ensure that they win the “Farthest Traveled” award the last seven years at the Juana Good Time Regatta. They may have to travel a bit to get to Navarre Beach, Florida for the regatta, but it doesn’t dampen their spirits at all. Tepe Racing is about sailing, family, and fun.

And though their name may be “Tepe Racing,” racing isn’t necessarily the most important aspect of their sailing fanaticism. They’re happy whether they’re racing their Hobie 16 sailboats or sailing the forty-foot catamarans in the British Virgin Islands.

They found a love for the open sea and for the sails

Tepe Racing was founded in 2009, after the brothers won the Carlton Tucker Award (the Sportsperson of the Year award) at the Juana Good Time Regatta. Since then, they’ve traveled to Florida every year for the Regatta, and spent the rest of their time sailing as a family. And for the Tepe’s, sailing really is a family tradition, finding its foothold long before they were old enough to man the catamarans themselves.

Though the official team has only been around for ten years, they have been sailing as a foursome for far longer. Even twenty years ago, the brothers entered races as a crew, and whether they won or lost, they always had a grand time.

The staple of Tepe Racing

The Juana Good Time Regatta has become a staple of the Tepe Racing schedule, as it embodies what these brothers are all about—having a great time out on the water. Winning is great, but the best thing is to just be together on the boats.

Gregg Tepe is the captain of the team, and the brothers are Glenn, Mike, and Mark. Look for them if you’re ever in Navarre Beach the first week of September!

Racing Awards

  • Carlton Tucker Award-Juana Good Time Regatta 2009
  • Farthest Traveled Award- Juana good Time Regatta 2010
  • Farthest Traveled Award- Juana good Time Regatta 2011
  • Farthest Traveled Award- Juana good Time Regatta 2012

Founding Team Members

  • Captain Gregg Tepe -Not to be confused with Captain Ron!
  • Glenn Tepe
  • Mike Tepe
  • Mark Tepe